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That today is the 231st anniversary of the first Thanksgiving Day declared by a President in the United States? I know some of you are thinking, "Woah, Woah, Woah there Pub-man wait a minute, didn't it happen long before that?" Something about the Pilgrims and Squanto? That is true. That is the story of the First Thanksgiving in North America. However, while the recurring holiday was started by Abraham Lincoln to honor the longstanding tradition that existed since 1777, the first official declaration of a Day of Thanksgiving was from George Washington! In the address that is linked here, George Washington is asked by Congress to declare a day of Thanksgiving and prayer in thanks for, wait for it, The United States Constitution! Needless to say, we approve of this day here at March Forth! It shows how religious Washington was and how religious many of the country's citizens were that they accepted this type of declaration that would seem very strange today. One bit of politics before we go, Matt talks about the separation of Church and State extensively in the first episode of the Publius Podcast. We've heard a rough draft of it and can't wait for him to finish editing it so we can share it with you! – Hint, Hint Matt, hurry up! Anyway, we can see that through this proclamation that they were more concerned with having too much government in their Church but loved having Church in their government.

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